Who We Are

We think it's very important to know the faces behind the scenes of our charity. We're not a massive team, but we work hard and work well together. Some have been involved with the Trust from the first, while others have joined us once they've seen the fantastic work we do in the community. We have such a large pool of supporters, not just official trustees, but people who put massive amount of work in to raise money. We also have a number of partners who have provided free services in support of our work.


Trustees and Committee Members

All our Trustee's are responsible for discussing/accepting grant applications. Between them, they represent the club at events and accept cheque's from fundraising efforts.

Chairperson - Lynnette Williams

Standing as Chair of The Georgia Williams Trust is Lynnette Williams - who set the charity up in 2013, in memory of her daughter Georgia Williams.

Secretary - Scarlett Williams

Standing as Secretary (and will also stand as Vice Chair if Lynnette is absent), is Scarlett Williams - who has joined her Mum, Lynnette from the beginning, in 2013.

Treasurer - Fay Shieber

Standing as Treasurer of The Georgia Williams Trust, is Fay Shieber - who has been in the role since 2016, but has stood as a Trustee since 2015. 

Trustee - Mary Parry-Sargent

Standing as a Trustee, Mary Parry-Sargent manages the G-GWFT projects - Mary was the lead in the Project under Ercall Wood from 2010 and has continued to do so for The GWT when it was purchased, in .

Trustee - Phil Shieber

Standing as a Trustee, is Phil Shieber - who has been in the role since 2015. 

Trustee - Chay Davies

Standing as a Trustee, is Chay Davies - who has been in the role for *TIME* 


Recognised Supporters

We are so lucky to have people willing to step in and help on a regular basis. We have so many supporters that are consistently willing to put in their own time to help.

Events & Marketing - Alex Murray
Free Your Spirit
Free Your Spirit

Looking after fundraising events, social media and marketing, is Alex Murray - who has been involved with the trust since mid 2017.

"Georgia is one of my best friends and the work the charity does, truly reflects on the amazing things Georgia did herself. There's nothing I love more than seeing people enjoy themselves at events, and I take great pride in sharing the Trust's work online for all to see. I volunteer for the Trust in my free time, working full time at Lyreco UK Ltd. I also volunteer as a Faerie Queen for young children at Unicorn Majestic, as well as being Chairwoman for Wrekin North Riding Club" - Alex

Part-Time Faerie Queen
Part-Time Faerie Queen


Partners & Sponsors

There are countless companies/organisations that offer consistent support, funding or advertising. Please use the below links to navigate to each website.

Design & Printing
Sport Clothing & Embelleshing