Through collaboration and team work, we have been able to achieve so much more than we could have hoped. We have worked alongside some incredible organisations in Telford & Wrekin to ensure young people have more opportunities that they could ever hope for - something that can be just as important as funds and equipment. We've set up projects that draw in applicants from all backgrounds and allow them the chance to try all kinds of new activities - projects that reflect our aim to get young people to 'Free their Spirit & Join In' 

Take a look at some of our most popular schemes...

Kick It Out & RESPECT
Kick It Out & RESPECT

Kick It Out is a campaigning organisation that promotes equality, inclusion & diversity in football. We believe the things they do are a perfect example of what we want to see within our local football community. 

We work alongside Kick It Out and the RESPECT football foundation programme to reward teams or players that are in-keeping with these guidelines. We have provided medals and prizes to teams that show them; as well as an end-of-year, team day out to the team we believe has shown the best attitude to playing over the season.

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Immerse School of Diving Scholarship

One of the goals on Georgia's 'Wish List in Life' was to Scuba Dive. We've teamed up with the Immerse School of Diving to allow one lucky, young person each year, to undertake our diving scholarship. 

The chosen scholar will learn to become a fully qualified scuba diver, and will train to attain PADI (Junior) Master Scuba Diving rating - the highest non-professional qualification there is!

Young people in T&W can also benefit from discounted rates if you advise you wish to try scuba diving due to Georgia's wish list at point of booking.

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Immerse Diving
G-GWFT and STEM Promotion

One of our biggest programmes is using the G-GWFT Light Aircraft to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in schools and young people across the country.

The plane is used to demonstrate the potential young people have for STEM related projects, if only given the chance. G-GWFT was built by students at Ercall Wood Technology College, including Georgia herself, and has taken to the skies on countless occasions.

We have visited some of the biggest and most popular airshows throughout the country, including Cosford & Farnborough. Visitors can get up close and personal to the planes mechanisms and see how each action can cause a reaction elsewhere in the planes structure.

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