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The Georgia Williams Trust is more than a charity, we're a community - a group of people all working towards the same goal. We welcome anyone who wants to help us, by raising funds, volunteering or offering their services. Contact Us if you think you can help - big or small, it's always appreciated! Why not take inspiration from previous fund-raising efforts here!


Each year we run all kinds of events, ranging from sporting tournaments to fashion shows. We invite people from all backgrounds to 'Join In' with our events and give things a go. Why not look at our Events Calendar and see if anything sparks your interest - each event will have a form to fill out if you would like to take part.


The Trust itself has worked to create a positive atmosphere across social media, inviting people to take #BlueytheOrangeFerret with them wherever they go, pushing the trust into the far corners of the world. Pictures are shared on Instagram and Facebook; you can join in by purchasing our wristbands, and taking them wherever you go.
Where can you take Bluey? 

WR Davies
The GWT Bike Ride